All Florida species accounts up!

I have recently added pages for all of the remaining species that have been recorded in Florida. There are new pages for Taracticus, Nicocles, Atomosia, Pogonosoma and Orthogonis, Cyrtopogon (hypothetical in Florida), Ceraturgus, Nannodioctria, Holcocephala, Eccritosia, and Asilus (hypothetical in Florida).

I have confirmed 109 species for the Florida list, and I consider 18 species hypothetical, and 11 species erroneous. I still need to visit some additional museum collections, so it may be possible to upgrade hypothetical species.

I have added some new menus and visual indices for some genera. I will be working on more of that.

As time allows, I will also be expanding the guide to include more southeastern species. The Proctacanthus, Cyrtopogon, and Ceraturgus pages currently includes all eastern species.

More soon!

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