Florida List

The following taxonomic list of Asilidae includes 109 species I have confirmed for Florida. This list is based on records from museums, especially the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, various publications, and iNaturalist and Bugguide records. The hypothetical list includes 18 species. Some of those are included in F. Geller-Grimm’s database, but I have not found museum or literature records. In some cases the literature records are questionable. The erroneous list includes 11 species that are sometimes erroneously included on Florida lists.


The subfamilies listed below are outdated; I will revise based on a new revised taxonomy that is likely to be published next year. Recent phylogenic work includes:

Bybee, S. M., Taylor, S. D., Nelson, C. R., & Whiting, M. F. (2004). A phylogeny of robber flies (Diptera: Asilidae) at the subfamilial level: molecular evidence. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 30(3), 789-797.

Cohen, C. M., Noble, K., Cole, T. J., & Brewer, M. S. (2021). The phylogeny of robber flies (Asilidae) inferred from ultraconserved elements. Systematic Entomology, 46(4), 812-826.

Dikow, T. (2009). Phylogeny of Asilidae inferred from morphological characters of imagines (Insecta: Diptera: Brachycera: Asiloidea). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 2009(319), 1-175. More details on this taxonomic revision here

Regional Diversity

On each species account on this website, I have included a Florida Range category based on publications and data. These are Panhandle, North Florida, Central Florida (South of Gainesville to north of Lake Okeechobee), and South Florida. Based on available records, the most diverse region is the Panhandle, where 78% of Florida species have been recorded. North Florida is a close second with respect to diversity (77% of Florida species have been recorded in North Florida). This is likely due to the extensive and long-term collecting that has taken place in Gainesville. This is followed by Central Florida (56% of Florida species) and South Florida (41% of Florida species).

LeptogastrinaeApachekolosApachekolos tenuipes (Loew) 1862
LeptogastrinaeBeameromyiaBeameromyia chrysops Martin 1957
LeptogastrinaeBeameromyiaBeameromyia disfascia Martin 1957
LeptogastrinaeBeameromyiaBeameromyia floridensis (Johnson) 1913
LeptogastrinaeBeameromyiaBeameromyia vulgaris Martin 1957
LeptogastrinaeLeptogasterLeptogaster aegra Martin 1957
LeptogastrinaeLeptogasterLeptogaster atridorsalis Back 1909
LeptogastrinaeLeptogasterLeptogaster brevicornis Loew 1872
LeptogastrinaeLeptogasterLeptogaster flavipes Loew 1862
LeptogastrinaeLeptogasterLeptogaster lerneri Curran 1953
LeptogastrinaeLeptogasterLeptogaster obscuripennis Johnson 1895
LeptogastrinaeLeptogasterLeptogaster obscuripes Loew 1862
LeptogastrinaeLeptopteromyiaLeptopteromyia americana Hardy 1947
LeptogastrinaePsilonyxPsilonyx annulatus (Say) 1823
LeptogastrinaeTipulogasterTipulogaster glabrata (Wiedemann) 1828
DasypogoninaeTaracticusTaracticus octopunctatus (Say) 1823kkk
DasypogoninaeNicoclesNicocles engelhardti Wilcox 1946
DasypogoninaeNicoclesNicocles politus (Say) 1823
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites crudelis Bromley 1936
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites esuriens Bromley 1936
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites misellus Loew 1866
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites neoternatus (Bromley) 1931
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites platypterus Loew 1866
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites properans Bromley 1936
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites salutans Bromley 1936
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites ternatus Loew 1866
LaphrinaeAndrenosomaAndrenosoma cruentum (McAtee) 1919
LaphrinaeAndrenosomaAndrenosoma fulvicauda (Say) 1823
LaphrinaePogonosomaPogonosoma dorsatum (Say) 1824
LaphrinaeAtomosiaAtomosia glabrata (Say) 1823
LaphrinaeAtomosiaAtomosia puella (Wiedemann) 1828
LaphrinaeAtomosiaAtomosia rufipes Macquart 1847
LaphrinaeAtomosiaAtomosia sayii Johnson 1903
LaphrinaeCerotainiaCerotainia albipilosa Curran 1930
LaphrinaeCerotainiaCerotainia macrocera Say 1823
LaphrinaeLampriaLampria bicolor (Wiedemann) 1828
LaphrinaeLampriaLampria rubriventris (Macquart) 1834
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria affinis Macquart 1855
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria apila (Bromley) 1951
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria canis Williston 1883
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria cinerea (Back) 1904
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria divisor (Banks) 1917
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria flavicollis Say 1824
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria floridensis Bromley (unfinished)
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria grossa (Fabricius) 1775
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria index McAtee 1919
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria saffrana Fabricius 1805
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria sicula McAtee 1919
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria virginica (Banks) 1917
LaphistiinaeLaphystiaLaphystia litoralis Curran 1931
LaphistiinaeLaphystiaLaphystia ochreifrons Curran 1931
LaphistiinaeLaphystiaLaphystia texensis Curran 1931
StenopogoninaeHeteropogonHeteropogon rubrifasciatus Bromley 1931
StenopogoninaeHolopogonHolopogon guttulus (Wiedemann) 1821
StenopogoninaeHolopogonHolopogon phaeonotus Loew 1874
StenopogoninaeCeraturgusCeraturgus cornutus (Wiedemann) 1828
StenopogoninaeCeraturgusCeraturgus johnsoni Martin 1965
StenopogoninaeCeraturgusCeraturgus mitchelli Brimley 1924
DioctriinaeNannodioctriaNannodioctria seminole (Bromley) 1924
StenopogoninaeProlepsisProlepsis tristis (Walker) 1851
StenopogoninaeScleropogonScleropogon floridensis (Bromley) 1951
StenopogoninaeScleropogonScleropogon subulatus (Wiedemann) 1828
StichopogoninaeStichopogonStichopogon abdominalis Back 1909
StichopogoninaeStichopogonStichopogon trifasciatus (Say) 1823
StichopogoninaeTownsendiaTownsendia arenicola Scarbrough 1995
StichopogoninaeTownsendiaTownsendia nigra Back 1909
TrigonomiminaeHolcocephalaHolcocephala abdominalis (Say) 1823
TrigonomiminaeHolcocephalaHolcocephala calva (Loew) 1872
AsilinaeEccritosiaEccritosia zamon (Townsend) 1895
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia aestuans (Linnaeus) 1763
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia albibarbis (Macquart) 1838
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia apicalis (Macquart) 1838
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia femorata (Wiedemann) 1821
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia slossonae (Hine) 1919
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia tabescens (Banks) 1919
AsilinaeMallophoraMallophora atra Macquart 1834
AsilinaeMallophoraMallophora bomboides (Wiedemann) 1821
AsilinaeMallophoraMallophora orcina (Wiedemann) 1828
AsilinaeMegaphorusMegaphorus clausicellus (Macquart) 1850
AsilinaeMegaphorusMegaphorus laphroides (Wiedemann) 1828
AsilinaeMegaphorusMegaphorus minutus (Macquart) 1835
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus brevipennis (Wiedemann) 1828
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus fulviventris Macquart 1850
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus gracilis Bromley 1928
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus heros (Wiedemann) 1828
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus longus (Wiedemann) 1821
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus nigriventris Macquart 1838
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus rufus Williston 1885
AsilinaePromachusPromachus bastardii (Macquart) 1838
AsilinaePromachusPromachus quadratus (Wiedemann) 1821
AsilinaePromachusPromachus rufipes (Fabricius) 1775
AsilinaeTriorlaTriorla interrupta (Macquart) 1834
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus blantoni (Bromley) 1940
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus fattigi (Bromley) 1940
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus floridensis (Bromley) 1940
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus frosti (Bromley) 1950
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus hubbelli Bromley 1950
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus maneei (Hine) 1909
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus notatus (Wiedemann) 1828
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus novaescotiae (Macquart) 1847
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus polyphemi Bullington & Beck 1991
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus snowii (Hine) 1909
AsilinaeNeoitamusNeoitamus flavofemoratus (Hine) 1909
AsilinaePhilonicusPhilonicus fuscatus (Hine) 1909
AsilinaePolacanthaPolacantha gracilis (Wiedemann) 1828
AsilinaeOmmatiusOmmatius floridensis Bullingon & Lavigne 1984
AsilinaeOmmatiusOmmatius gemma Brimley 1928
AsilinaeOmmatiusOmmatius tibialis Say 1823
AsilinaeOmmatiusOmmatius wilcoxi Bullingon & Lavigne 1984

Hypothetical or where I have not found records in museums or literature, or the literature records are questionable.

LeptogastrinaeBeameromyiaBeameromyia pictipes (Loew) 1862
DasypogoninaeNicoclesNicocles pictus (Loew) 1866
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites discolor Loew 1866
DasypogoninaeDiogmitesDiogmites angustipennis Loew 1866
LaphrinaeOrthogonisOrthogonis stygia (Bromley) 1931
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria lata Macquart 1850
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria macquarti (Banks) 1917
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria sacrator Walker 1949
LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria thoracica Fabricius 1805
StenopogoninaeHolopogonHolopogon vockerothi Martin 1959
TrigonomiminaeHolcocephalaHolcocephala fusca Bromley 1951
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia nemoralis (Macquart) 1838
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia pogonias (Wiedemann) 1821
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus hinei Bromley 1928
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus milbertii Macquart 1838
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus philadelphicus Macquart 1838
AsilinaePromachusPromachus fitchii Osten Sacken 1878
AsilinaeAsilusAsilus sericeus Say 1823

Erroneous in Florida. These species are sometimes included on Florida lists. For some,
there have been published accounts refuting it.

LaphrinaeLaphriaLaphria sericea Say 1823
StenopogoninaeCyrtopogonCyrtopogon falto (Walker) 1849
StenopogoninaeCeraturgusCeraturgus cruciatus (Say) 1823
StenopogoninaeCeraturgusCeraturgus nigripes Williston 1886
AsilinaeMallophoraMallophora thompsoni Artigas & Angulo 1980
AsilinaeEfferiaEfferia stylata (Fabricius) 1775
AsilinaeProctacanthusProctacanthus vittatus (Olivier) 1789
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus erythocnemius (Hine) 1909
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus lecythus (Walker) 1849
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus paropus (Walker) 1849
AsilinaeMachimusMachimus sadyates (Walker) 1849
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